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“The Value of a Design Consultation” in PDF, published in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyle e-Magazine:


Rita Orland, Designer
NCIDQ Certificate No. 023364
President, Wings, Inc. Design



Do you need coaching on what to do with your home? Need improved space planning? Has your lifestyle changed recently? Do you need to down-size? Upgrade? Remodel or renovate? We design for all mobility stages.


The Value of a Design Consultation

If you want to manage your home-interior design/renovation project yourself without an interior designer, consider this: Set up a consulting session with a professional interior designer for just a couple of hours. This upfront investment is highly beneficial. A valuable consultation briefing can get you started in the right direction.

I invite you to contact Wings, Inc. Design to schedule a consultation session to get you started in the right direction. This upfront investment in a consultation session for your project is highly beneficial.

During the briefing, your needs and goals will be addressed and analyzed.  You will be walked through the interior design process. We will help you find an effective approach to meet your design needs, enhance your style and take it to a new level, while staying within your budget. Innovative solutions to existing challenges, specific construction problems and your lifestyle requirements will be addressed.

An in-depth consultation helps you understand what kind of design resources your project needs to achieve your vision of the interior of your home, as well as the indoor | outdoor living spaces.

The two hour (minimum) consultation will be followed-up with a full in-depth report of what we discussed, and what I recommended during the meeting. This investment of $300 will help you lay out a plan of action for your project.

The knowledge you gain from this  design consultation session will
enlighten, entertain and expand your horizons!


To arrange for your consultation, please call Rita Orland – 858-759-4923. Or you can fill out the Contact Form and we will reply back to make schedule arrangements.


The idea that designers are expensive and just want to up-charge and spend your money is a myth. A design professional is there to help you enhance your style and take it to a new level while staying within your budget. Designers find innovative solutions to existing challenges, specific construction problems and your lifestyle requirements.

An experienced designer can assist you with:

  • Making the most of what you already have
  • Setting priorities for your budget and schedule
  • Saving time and money by avoiding costly mistakes and bad purchases
  • Connections to a wider range of choices (professional designers have exclusive access to an extensive array of products beyond the chain retail stores)
  • Editing the options
  • Learning about design, which will give you the confidence to try something new
  • Mapping out plans for future phases of your design project, stretching your budget over time
  • Allocating your design dollars by knowing the best place to invest your money now
  • Blending the finished and unfinished spaces into a coherent design during different phases in a renovation project

If your self-managed design project becomes overwhelming after you have gotten into it, you can always set up another design consultation. You also can hire Wings, Inc. Interior Design to work with you to complete the project.


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